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Horse Waterer Options


Nelson Horse Waterer

The Nelson 700 series waterer comes in a wall mount, corner wall mount or free standing. Stainless steel bowls are easily removable allowing convenient and easy bowl cleaning. Nelson waterers are designed with a patented, balance beam actuated water valve, providing horses with a constant supply of fresh drinking water. Waterers are sure to look brand new after years of use, with a stainless steel design there is no rusting, chipping, fading or deterioration.


Endurequest Horse Waterer

A new concept in a rugged, easy to clean, durable waterer. Maintains water level with a completely enclosed diaphragm valve, and can be mounted so water connection is out of view and reach of the horse. The bowl is extremely easy to clean and remains isolated from the supply water. A dove-tail fitting is included to mount on your stable wall, or other wall-mount application and brackets for pipe corral mounting are provided. There is nothing to rust or corrode and the waterer is always easy to remove and replace. In all respects this waterer was designed to be simple, rugged, attractive and reliable.


EQUIFount Horse Waterer

Miraco EQUIFount water systems are especially designed for your horses. Smooth rounded edges provide a safe access to water. Installation is easy with just four bolts, and ample drinking space provides plentiful water.

EQUIFount Features:

  • Durable polyethylene construction; urethane foam insulation.
  • Easy valve access; one screw quick water level adjustment.
  • Minimum intrusion on stall space.
  • Four bolt installation. (Stainless steel bolts included)
  • Plumb from above or below.
  • Large easy drain; no disassembly required.
  • 5-year unconditional warranty.
  • Dimensions: 16″x16″x14″ tall.
EQUIFount Heat Tube

Heat Tubes are an essential part of the proper installation of Miraco energy-free watering systems. Heat Tubes make a big difference in the performance of your energy-free Miraco watering system.

This highly insulated tube shields incoming ground water from cold as it passes through the frost level. Polyethylene construction ensures years of trouble-free use. One 30-inch tube and 3 feet of 12-inch drainage tile provides a sufficient heat well in most locations. For northern regions, two 30-inch heat tubes may be required.



Heater Kit

For extreme cold areas add a heater kit to keep the water from freezing.